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About Boyne Boats

‘Boyne Boats’ is a new venture born out of a love of the water. After many years traveling the world we have settled in the Royal county of Meath and see the Boyne River as our new playground.

Our motto is ‘Get out. Get in. Get on’.

Ross Kenny is the founder of Boyne Boats and was raised in the quiet seaside village of Loughshinny in North County Dublin. His love of the sea began in the family home built just metres from the sea’s edge on the beach. As a teenager, he marveled at the ease at which his neighbour was able to glide across the bay on her windsurfer and decided he’d have a piece of that action.

Fast forward to the late 1990s and Ross found himself in Cork, or to be exact Oysterhaven, near Kinsale. It was here that he became a student and instructor in all things marine: Windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, dragon boating, power boating, yacht cruising, and team building and even a bit of land stuff like archery!

Boyne Boats paddling tour

After some travelling down under, Ross returned to Cork and to his studies completing a degree in Community education and development in 2009. This led to a job as water activities manager in Meitheal Mara, a community boatyard in Cork City. A wonderful and varied position that saw him work with a variety of groups from Cork city and beyond on the water and in the workshop. Currach rowing, boat building, dragon boat events, Red Bull events, Atlantic Challenge International Contest of Seamanship, International and national competitions and Game of Thrones….

In 2011 a call was made that has helped to shape his future. ‘Can I rent a currach?’

Five years later, Game of Thrones, and other productions are still calling and asking that same question. The answer has always been YES! With the help of Meitheal Mara and other boat owners around Ireland, Irish boats have featured in many different scenes.

In 2015 Ross moved to County Meath and could not believe how under used the Boyne river is. A fact-finding mission to the local tourist office confirmed his suspicions when he learned that apparently there were no activities on the Boyne. Outrageous!

Launching in 2016 we now provide a range of water based experiences suitable for all ages and abilities. Our aim is to move you both physically and emotionally. Our playground is one of the most historic river valleys in the world and we bring you right back to how our ancestors felt over 5,000 years ago when they returned home on the very same river – the majestic and mythical Boyne.

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